Mariam Glisson

Chief Operating Officer

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Mariam Glisson

Our Chief Operating Officer Mariam Glisson brings over 20 years of advanced, executive leadership and high performance in business development, clinical quality, customer service, managerial and operational outcomes both in clinical and non-clinical settings. As an innovative executive with foresight and imagination, she has an impressive history of exceeding ambitious industry standards and delivering innovative solutions to both government and civilian clients. Her consistent record of setting organizations up for success, while building highly accomplished teams that demonstrate dedication to operational excellence, Mariam is always ready to hit the ground running and deliver excellent results. 

Her dedication to her family, work, community, and her nation are seen regularly with her performance; may it be through numerous volunteerisms through multiple nonprofit organizations, her prior military service as a Combat Military Police Officer, or her daily work routine. Mariam Glisson stands ready to tackle any challenge that comes her way. 

Mariam resides in south Florida with her husband, two kids and their French Mastiff "BaMa". They are an active family and enjoy the outdoors and adventures of all kinds.

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