Why Your Practice Needs a “White-Labeled” Patient Monitoring App

Learn about PainScript's "white-labelling" and why your practice can benefit from it.

November 2, 2021
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“White labeling” refers to software that is used by a medical provider and is branded with the practice name and logo. PainScript’s pain management platform is specifically designed to be white labeled by practices and providers. 

As part of the white labeling process, PainScript customizes the branding of our app to reflect the name, logo, and graphics of a specific medical practice. This means that patients know they are in contact with their trusted treatment provider and not an unknown outside vendor. 

Why go white labeled instead of an off-the-shelf version? Here are four main reasons. 

White labeling increases patient trust

As a PainScript customer, your practice has no hardware or software responsibilities. All providers need to do is to enroll their patients. For their part, patients access the app through their iPhone or Android smartphone. The name, logo, and branding reflect the provider that patients know and trust.   

White labeling provides a “concierge medicine” benefit without extra cost to patient

We strategically designed our technology to strengthen the bond between the provider and the patient. Each day, patients respond to three clinically validated questions about their current health status. 

These daily status updates enable practitioners to monitor the efficacy of the care plan, medication adherence, and to respond proactively to adverse events. This level of physician-client involvement is rarely seen outside of concierge medicine, yet is provided at no extra cost to the patient via the PainScript app. 

White labeling can improve patient compliance with care plan

Studies find that interactions between a patient and their healthcare provider that take place between scheduled visits improves medication and treatment plan adherence and outcomes. The PainScript app takes that interaction to the next level with daily check-ins, medication reminders, and secure text messaging options. 

As law enforcement oversight of the use of pain medications becomes increasingly rigorous, it is likely that daily contemporaneous recording of medications will become mandated, not optional. The PainScript app simplifies such compliance.

White labeling provides a seamless experience 

A “white labeled” PainScript app, when tapped open by the patient, will launch with a  customized logo and practice information of the medical provider. Once the patient builds a routine for daily data entry, this often quickly becomes a normal part of their everyday routine. The white labeled app experience is designed to be seamless and easy to implement for both the provider and the patient. 

Get started with white labeling your new practice management technology

The PainScript digital platform allows you to put your patients first with a user-friendly app, branded to your practice, that asks key clinically validated questions daily to gauge care plan and medication adherence. 

The software solution also enables patients to send secure text messages to your care team, providing valuable feedback. As your patients become accustomed to daily oversight, they may be more likely to take an active role in achieving their own wellness goals. The PainScript app can help your practice improve quality of care, patient satisfaction and retention, while helping you work smarter and more securely on behalf of your patients.  

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